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Colour solutions made easy

Looking for new paint solutions for your home or office? Where can you find practical and professional answers that can save you both time and money? Right here at the new Kansai Colour Boutique in Segambut where the art of selecting the perfect colours is made easy.

Step into the first Kansai Colour Boutique in Malaysia where a visual feast of colours awaits you. Each of us is drawn to certain colours that best reflect our personal taste and outlook on life. This is known as our personal colour profile. At the Kansai Colour Boutique, you can explore the wonderful world of colours and capture your innermost emotions and moods to adorn your living spaces. It's all about the right colour combination and balance.

Perfect colour combinations
At Kansai, we have discovered the formula to the perfect colour combination. We call it the 70-20-10 rule:
       70% - From your palette of favourite colours, select a colour that you will use as the
       dominant colour; taking up 70% of the space.

       20% - Then choose an intermediate colour to be used in approximately 20% of the
       space as the feature wall.

       10% - The remaining colours can be used as accent colours for doors, windows and
        frames; taking up approximately 10% of the space.

With Kansai's unique PAR Colour Xpression Tinting System that incorporates the 70-20-10 Colour Display Panel and Colour Chip Rack, choosing the right colours has never been this fun or fast. Best of all, it can all be completed within minutes!

Our Colour Gallery and Colour Studio will provide you with fresh ideas and creative colour concepts for your home or office. You can then discuss your options or take a break in the comfort of our Leisure and Discussion Corners.

Whether you are starting from scratch, or if you already have some ideas in mind, our friendly colour consultants will be ready to answer your enquiries, provide useful information and practical suggestions to help you find the right shade. Our showroom is also designed to cater for the needs of architects, developers and designers seeking innovative ideas and vibrant colour schemes for their projects.

A comprehensive range of products

Kansai Paint makes lasting impressions by giving colour and visual enhancement for all kinds of buildings and structures. Our hallmark quality is evident through the popularity of its exterior and interior paints. Comprising two ranges coatings for new buildings and repainting, our range of decorative products includes:


Super Premium
• Ales Silver
• Ales AB Clean Hygiene Coating
• Ales Aqua Cera Silicone

• PAR Weathercoat
• PAR Silk
• PAR Supermatt
• PAR Supergloss
• PAR Timbercote

• GOODY Weather Top
• GOODY Soft Pearl


• CROWN Emulsion
• CROWN Gloss

Japan's No 1 Paint Company

Founded in 1918, Kansai Paint Co., Ltd. is Japan's largest and most advanced paint company. One of the world's top 10 coating companies in Japan with turnover of USD 2.6 billion last year and expenditure in Research & Development amounts to USD 50 million annually. It is one of the world's top 10 coating companies with turnover of USD 2.6 billion last year and Research & Development investments amounting to USD 50 million annually.
Over 90 years of experience in the paints business, Kansai has garnered more than 50 networks worldwide from Asia to the Americas and employs nearly 7,000 employees worldwide.


Our Mission

Our pursuit of beauty and quality goes hand in hand with performance features that stand the test of time. We synchronize business and environmental conservation, technological expertise and environmental-friendly products through industry-leading research and development.

In all our years of being in the heart of paint technology, our inspiration to innovate and excel comes from one driving passion; to touch the lives of people by brightening their world with a lifetime of living colours. This is a promise that we have kept from generation to generation.
Kansai Paint has recently officially opened their Kansai Colour Boutique and launched of Kansai Ales AB Clean at STADEC (The Segambut Tiles & Interiro Decoration Centre) on 18 December 2009.

Visit us at Unit 1.17, The Segambut Tile & Interior Decoration Centre (STADEC), entrance into Jalan Segambut KL. For more information, please contact us at 62524625 or logon to www.kansai.co.jp. STADEC opens 7 days a week from 10.00am to 6.00pm.